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Zhejiang Jimai Auto-Tech Co.,ltd. is a professional manufactuer in valve automation and flow control, integrating with research 

and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services of valve actuators, actuator accessories, pneum-controlled and 

electric-controlled valves over 18 years.

Jimai? are proud to offer our own brand of superior quality electric valve actuator, pneumatic valve actuator, electric ball valve, 

pneumatic ball valve, electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, limit switch box, solenoid valve, valve positioner, air filter 

regulator and duclutchable gear overridemanufactured by us in Wenzhou China. All we supply has approved ATEX, CE, ISO9001 

and ISO14001 certification. We have engineered improvements and added flexibility and interchangeability features to our products 

to provide customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, printing and dyeing, paper, power, oil and gas, wastewater, 

water supply and drainage, municipal engineering, construction,and other industries with advanced automation solutions.

Jimai people warmly welcome customers to visit our company ! 

Copyright @ Zhejiang Jimai Auto-Tech Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Product: Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Actuator Accessory, Angle Seat Valve

Tel: 86-577-67966651 Fax: 86-577-67966650 E-mail: [email protected]

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